Our membership is made up of legally blind as well as fully sighted FCC licensed amateur radio operators, AKA hams, together enjoying the hobby of amateur radio. However, as an affiliate of the ACB, our charter specifies that the majority of our members must be legally blind.

It must be pointed out that visual impairment does not interfere with our being competent to the highest degree in our hobby of communication and electronics.
In our real lives, we are young, old, employed, unemployed, homemakers, retirees ... you name it. In our ranks, there are teachers, professors, lawyers, secretaries, IT specialists, salesmen, well you name it. In other words we are just people with this great hobby of amateur radio.

Our club call is W3ACB. When we are assembled together in an area, our official VHF frequency is
147.48 MHz. simplex.

As members of ACBRA, we may also keep in touch to exchange information on our membership email list of .

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