Wouldn’t you like to join the American Council of the Blind Radio Amateurs (ACBRA)? A modest $10 dues payment gains you full membership rights in ACBRA and also the national ACB since ACBRA is an affiliate. As a member of ACBRA, your email address is automatically added to the ACBRA email list where others like you share ideas and information relating to the hobby.

To join, send a check for $10 to the treasurer, Mike Duke, the check payable to ACBRA and mail it to the following address:

Mike Duke
5127 Parkway Dr.
Jackson, MS 32911
You may contact him through the link to webmaster

Include the following information:
Full legal name
callsign and license class. Licensure is not required, but it is encouraged
Street address
City, state, zipcode
Phone number(s)
Email address
Whether fully sighted or legally blind

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